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   W E L C O M E

You've arrived at fonobi, a community where constancy posts her icons and other graphics. There's not much here at the moment, but feel free to have a look around anyway.

If you're wondering what fonobi means... it has no meaning. 8D;; Or more precisely, it's actually a splicing of two words: fonist and shinobi. At the time of creating this community, my favorite series were Naruto and Tales of the Abyss, so I wanted a name involving the two. And after throwing around a few other names, I chose fonobi.

   R U L E S

☆ If you use any of my icons, please credit either constancy @ fonobi or just fonobi. And if you take a moodtheme, link back in your profile. ...Of course, I won't hunt you down if you don't credit, but it would be really nice if you did.

☆ Do not modify or claim any of my graphics as yours. That includes icons without text (which are the majority). They are not to be used as bases unless I state otherwise in the post.

☆ Comments are love, but not necessary. It'd be great if you could tell me what you're taking (that way I know what people like), but you don't have to.

☆ Don't hotlink. Please upload everything to your own server.

☆ If you like my graphics, feel free to watch the community. Just know that I post very sporadically; sometimes I don't update for months at a time.